Our mission is to provide compassionate and expert guidance through Family Law, Estate Planning, Guardianship and Conservatorship, and Medicaid Planning.

In Salt Lake, Utah, and surrounding counties.



Dale Ellsworth, Your Trusted Utah Attorney

Experience the confidence that comes from relying on a trusted legal ally. At Ellsworth Law Firm, I go beyond being a legal professional; I'm your dedicated partner in navigating legal challenges and achieving your desired outcomes.

Experience You Can Trust:

Over 10 years as a dedicated Utah attorney.

Focused Practice Areas:

Family Law, Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, and Guardianship and Conservatorship.

Extensive Reach:

Serving clients throughout the state of Utah.

Client-Centric Approach:

Clear communication, transparency, and collaboration.



Family Law

Family Law

Our dedicated Utah family law attorney will assist you in navigating issues related to marriage, divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, modifications, spousal support and protective orders.


Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Your estate is unique, and so are your goals. Our Utah estate planning attorney will work closely with you to craft personalized solutions that align with your wishes, protect your assets, and provide for your loved ones.


Medicaid Planning.

Medicaid Planning

Our Utah Medicaid planning attorney employs strategies and legal techniques to assist individuals in qualifying for Long-Term Care Medicaid, enabling them to cover long-term care expenses.

Medicaid Planning for Long-Term Care

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardianship and

Navigating the complexities of guardianship and conservatorship matters requires a compassionate and experienced advocate by your side. Our Utah guardianship and conservatorship attorney specializes in providing tailored solutions to ensure the well-being and protection of your loved ones.

Measuring Excellence

Our Success in Numbers

At Ellsworth Law Firm, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the impactful numbers that define our practice areas.

family law

With a proven track record of successful resolutions in diverse family law cases, we have facilitated more than 400 positive outcomes for our clients. From navigating complex divorce proceedings to securing favorable child custody arrangements, our expertise ensures that families find stability and peace of mind during challenging times.

Estate Planning

Our meticulous approach to estate planning has resulted in the crafting of comprehensive and customized strategies for numerous clients. We take pride in helping individuals safeguard their legacies, ensuring that their assets are protected and their wishes are honored, providing peace of mind for generations to come.

Medicaid Planning

When it comes to navigating the intricacies of Medicaid planning, our success stories speak volumes. We have empowered more than 100 Utahns to qualify for Medicaid benefits while preserving their assets through strategic and lawful planning. Our proven methods have provided peace of mind for families facing the challenges of long-term care expenses.

The numbers behind our success stories are a testament to our unwavering commitment to achieving positive outcomes for our clients. With Ellsworth Law Firm, you can trust that your legal matters are in the hands of dedicated professionals who deliver results.


Why Us

Don't Settle for Less


Expertise That Matters:

With Ellsworth Law Firm by your side, you benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our attorney brings a deep understanding of the law and a proven track record of success in navigating even the most intricate legal matters.


Strategic Guidance:

Legal battles require more than just knowledge—they demand strategy. At Ellsworth Law Firm, we will assess your situation, develop a tailored strategy, and guide you through every step of the process. Our approach is proactive, ensuring you are prepared for whatever may come.


Dedicated Advocacy:

Not just an attorney; but a dedicated advocate that fights for your rights. At Ellsworth Law Firm, we are committed to your case, providing unwavering support and tireless representation. Your success is our priority.


Personalized Attention:

Every case is unique, and so are your needs. At Ellsworth Law Firm, we understand the importance of personalized attention. We take the time to listen, understand your concerns, and craft legal solutions that align with your goals.

Farrah Hays
a month ago
Dale Ellsworth is truly a blessing in disguise. He is very thoughtful, thorough, and tough when it comes to hard matters. I would highly recommend...
Denise Pate
a month ago
I had an excellent experience with Dale Ellsworth. He is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly. I felt...
Adalynn Cowan
a month ago
I was referred to Dale by a trusted and experienced mediator. I was going through a hard custody battle for my son right after he...


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