Key Changes in Utah Alimony Law: Imputation of Income for Recipient Spouses

Alimony in Utah Family Law Cases

Understanding the latest changes in Utah family law is essential for anyone involved in alimony cases. One significant update focuses on how the courts determine the imputation of income for recipient spouses. These changes are designed to ensure fairer outcomes for individuals who have reduced their workplace experience due to family responsibilities or disability. Here’s…

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Navigating Utah’s Extended Summer Parent-Time Schedule

Child Custody

Summer is coming! This blog post will focus on the extended parent-time schedules set forth in Utah Code Ann.  § 30-3-35(4) and/or § 30-3-35.1(8). These extended parent-time schedules ensure both custodial and noncustodial parents have ample opportunity to spend quality time with their child(ren). Let’s delve into the specifics of Utah’s extended parent-time schedules as outlined…

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Exploring the Depths of Family Law: A Comprehensive Guide

Family Law

At Ellsworth Law Firm, we understand that navigating legal matters related to family law can be emotionally challenging and complex. Family law is a branch of legal practice that encompasses a wide range of issues, all centered around relationships and the family unit. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on what family…

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